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Terms of use

You are using LAUNCH, which is a simple but excellent step forward in your
career building or in your search for suitable talent.
1. General - scope
These are the general terms and conditions that apply to any use of the platform
(website is accessible via www.launch.career and mobile applications) and the
services under the name of LAUNCH, which are offered by LAUNCH.CAREER BV,
having its registered office at Antwerp in Vloeyenbergdreef 7, 2970 Schilde,
registered in the CBE with company number BE 0752.653.682.
LAUNCH's terms of use are always and exclusively dedicated for its purpose.
The mission of LAUNCH is to bring students and young graduates into contact with
the business world and the labor market in a free, fast, and efficient way and,
conversely, to allow companies to discover and recruit suitable talent in a simple and
cost-effective way.
Through their profile, students and young graduates are directly provided with
suitable internship and job opportunities, while companies distribute their company
information and vacancies digitally, immediately to the right target group.
The mere fact of your use of the platform and the services offered by LAUNCH
means that you fully accept the general terms and conditions of use; this gives you a
number of rights, but you are also bound by a number of obligations.
When creating an account, you will explicitly confirm this acceptance, including our
privacy policy. However, LAUNCH may change, supplement or delete these terms
and conditions at any time, e.g. in function of changed services or legislation.
This will of course be done by posting these changes on its platform.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully and take into account that with
each (renewed) use, you acknowledge to have read, understood, and approved
these (possibly renewed) terms and conditions.
If you do not agree with the (renewed) terms of use, you should not create an
account or close your account and no longer use LAUNCH.
2. Services and responsibilities of LAUNCH
LAUNCH makes all or part of its platform and services available to members,
recruiters/companies and visitors in order to achieve its goal and in accordance with
these terms of use.
LAUNCH makes every effort to make its platform and services permanently available
but can interrupt access at any time and without prior warning due to technical or
other reasons, without responsibility for the consequences.
LAUNCH respects and protects everyone's privacy. LAUNCH takes appropriate
organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data and its
confidentiality, as further detailed in its privacy policy, which forms an integral part of
these terms of use.
LAUNCH makes every effort to keep its platform and services free from malicious
software (bugs, viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc.) but cannot fully guarantee its
absence and accepts no liability for any damage that may result to users , all of
which are strongly recommended to install the necessary security programs (antivirus
programs, firewalls, etc.) on their hardware.
In certain sections, the platform may contain hyperlinks to websites or content
managed by recruiters/companies or by third parties. LAUNCH accepts no
responsibility for the quality, correctness or legality of this content or for the proper
functioning of these websites. LAUNCH cannot be held responsible for any damage
resulting from its use.
3. Members and their responsibilities
3.1 Becoming a member
Only as an account holder can you access or use certain possibilities, functions,
parts or elements of LAUNCH.
An account can be created with login information, i.e. an email address and a
password. If you have registered your account through an account with certain third-
party social networking services such as Facebook or Google, this account will serve
as login information.
Only if you are an adult student or young graduate who wants to get in touch with the
business world and the labor market through LAUNCH in a free, fast and efficient
way, you can create an account by filling in the registration form on the website, by
accepting the terms of use and the privacy policy of LAUNCH, by clicking on
"register" or a similar button.
From then on you will be considered a member by LAUNCH.
A member is therefore a registered user, in contrast to a visitor who does not create
an account but occasionally visits the freely accessible part of the LAUNCH platform.
3.2 Obligation to provide accurate information
As a member, you guarantee to LAUNCH that all information you enter in the
application form and/or post on the platform is completely accurate.
If LAUNCH can reasonably believe that the information provided by a member is
misleading or incorrect, LAUNCH has the right to delete this information and, if it
deems necessary, to delete the account of that member.
As a member, you are personally liable for any damage caused by the entry of
incomplete, incorrect or misleading data, and LAUNCH accepts no responsibility in
this regard.
As a member, you agree that LAUNCH can access, store, process and use the data
you provide in accordance with the goal of LAUNCH and its privacy policy.
LAUNCH uses personal profile information and data of members to make
recommendations to interested recruiters/companies and to find matches with them.
If you keep your profile accurate, complete and up-to-date, these
recommendations/matches will become more accurate and relevant.
3.3 Personality of an account
An account must be created by an individual, natural and adult student or young
You can only create one account and it is strictly personal and non-transferable.
You are not allowed to create an account under the name of someone else unless
that adult person has given permission to do so.
As a member, you are personally responsible for any damage caused by creating
multiple or illegal accounts.
Each member is also responsible for anything that happens through his/her account,
except after removal or reporting of abuse.
3.4 Confidentiality of a member's account/password
As a member, you should provide a strong password and you are responsible for the
confidentiality of your password, which gives access to your account.
A member is not allowed under any circumstances to grant access to his/her
account/password to others.
3.5 Notices and messages
As a member, you agree that LAUNCH can make notifications or send you messages
via the platform in accordance with the goals of LAUNCH, e.g. for completion or
updating of your profile information.
3.6 Account deletion
You can always delete your own account yourself by following the steps indicated
after clicking on “delete account” in the “personal settings” section of the platform.
LAUNCH will then anonymize or delete all your data, in accordance with the legal
LAUNCH, for its part, also has the right to delete a member's account in case of use
in violation of the terms of use.
4. Use of the platform and services of LAUNCH by members
Use of LAUNCH by members is regular only if it falls exclusively within the goal of
LAUNCH as described under 1.
A member is thus prohibited, among other things, from using the platform:
- for any other commercial purpose;
- in a manner that damages or results in a violation of any right of another member, a
recruiter/company or any other person or legal entity;
- in a manner that leads to damage to the good reputation of LAUNCH or the proper
functioning of its platform;
- for any other illegal purpose.
Each member is personally responsible for any damage caused by irregular use of
LAUNCH, which cannot be held against LAUNCH in any way.
5. Use of the platform and services of LAUNCH by
Recruiters/Companies and their responsibilities
LAUNCH concludes agreements with companies/recruiters who want to make
themselves known to students and young graduates in order to display their business
activities, their values and visions, internships and employment opportunities and
ultimately to recruit suitable talents.
The recruiters/companies will be able to post company information, invitations, offers
etc. to the platform, in accordance with the mission of LAUNCH and all relevant legal
The recruiters/companies themselves are personally responsible for any damage
caused by the entry of incomplete, incorrect or misleading information/invitations.
LAUNCH accepts no responsibility in this regard.
In certain sections, the LAUNCH platform may provide hyperlinks to websites or
content managed by the recruiters/companies themselves, who are themselves
responsible for the quality, correctness or legality of this content or for the operation
of these websites. LAUNCH accepts no responsibility in case of damage.
Based on criteria provided by the recruiters/companies that must be in accordance
with all relevant legal regulations, LAUNCH can supply profiles (personal data) of
The recruiters/companies undertake to use these profiles only for the goal of
LAUNCH and in accordance with the terms of use and the privacy policy of LAUNCH
and generally in compliance with all legal provisions on privacy and data protection.
6. Intellectual property
The entire content and operation of the LAUNCH platform, including name, texts,
graphics, logos, images, codes, database, pictograms etc. are the intellectual
property of Launch.career BV. Any commercial or promotional distribution,
publication or exploitation thereof is prohibited unless you have received prior
express written consent to do so.
It is expressly prohibited to download, copy, modify or disclose files, software or
content and operation of the LAUNCH platform.
It is prohibited to modify the source code of the LAUNCH website and the
applications, to use them as a basis for any work, to obtain or sell the source codes
in any way, to transfer it or to establish any right to the information or source code.
7. Responsibility
Launch.career provides the platform (website and applications) and services on an
“as-is” basis and gives no warranty of adequate quality or suitability for any particular
LAUNCH only makes the platform and services available and generally has no
control over the information provided by members, nor over the information or
services offered on or through its platform by recruiters/companies or other third
parties. LAUNCH only acts as an intermediary and accepts no responsibility in this
respect for any damage resulting from the use of the platform or the services.
LAUNCH can only be held liable in case of fraud or gross negligence on the part of
itself or one of its employees. In that case, the responsibility of LAUNCH will be
limited to the recovery of foreseeable, direct, personal and certain damage suffered
by the user, excluding the recovery of indirect or intangible damage such as
additional costs, loss of income or profit, loss of customers, loss or damage of data,
loss of contracts, damage to third parties, etc.....
LAUNCH cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the fact that the user does
not fulfill his obligations.
In all cases in which LAUNCH is held liable, its responsibility toward the user will be
limited to the total amounts paid by the user to LAUNCH during the twelve (12)
months prior to the origin of the damage.
8. Conflicts and governing law
If one or more provisions of these terms of use prove to be invalid, this will not affect
the validity of the other provisions.
In case of a conflict between a member or a recruiter/company and LAUNCH, an
amicable solution will always be sought first, if necessary through mediation.
If the dispute cannot be resolved in any other way, the courts of Antwerp have
exclusive jurisdiction to hear the conflict. Belgian law is applicable.
9. Questions, complaints and feedback
LAUNCH takes your rights and privacy very seriously and we thank you for reading
these terms of use thoroughly.
For questions, complaints or feedback, you can always contact LAUNCH by:
- sending an email to legal@launch.career;
- sending a signed letter by post to Launch.career BV, legal department,
Vloeyenbergdreef 7 in 2970 Schilde.

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